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Team Blessed Bodies hits Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio! Leslie...

Team Blessed Bodies hits Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio!

Leslie Lewis, National Bikini Athlete and Blessed Bodies Flow Yoga Founder had a dream to step on stage at the Arnolds this year. Not only did her dream come true last Thursday, but she was blessed with a supportive entourage from Team Blessed Bodies. Coach Fatima Leite Kusch, her assistant Theresa Jenn Lopetrone, FP support coach Brandi Arden, FP Personal Trainer Dara Cox, and Pro bikini athlete/model Tanya Geisinger completed this epic girl trip. Everyone was sure to bring along their new Theresa Jenn Overexxxposed T-shirts (designed by Paul Buceta,) and snap pics with their favourite fitness personalities. We can’t wait to see photos from the various fitness photo shoots these gorgeous ladies booked. Congratulations Leslie and have a safe trip home, Beauties!

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Congratulations @FitLeslie365 – Elite Team Blessed Bodies...

Congratulations @FitLeslie365 – Elite Team Blessed Bodies competitor, Blessed Bodies Flow Yoga Founder, and dear client of Coach Fatima. You stepped on stage this week looking lovely as ever. You made Team Blessed Bodies’ debut appearance in the Arnold Ohio Bikini division, and teammates are already aspiring to follow your lead. What path to excellence will you pioneer next? Go Leslie!
Check out Coach Fatima’s touching post…
by @fatikusch “Watching this #woman #breakthrough her #struggles and #achieve her #dream #goal to compete at the #Arnold #asf2014 has been an absolute honour as her #coach #friend. So proud of you @fitleslie365 you did it!!! #believe #achieve #TBB #blessedbodies365 #triumph” via @PhotoRepost_app


Fatima Leite Kusch WBFF BC 2011

Fatima Leite Kusch, Fitness Model, Pro Card Awarded WBFF BC 2011 Stage


Leslie Lewis Sword CBBF Nationals 2012

Leslie Lewis Sword CBBF Nationals 2012 Masters Bikini Division 2nd Place Team Blessed Bodies FitnessPrint


Sneak peek from Team Blessed Bodies' shoot with Kai York
by FitnessPrint